Why we believe plasterers should never leave an Edinburgh home messy!

This is our motto: "Plasterers should never leave an Edinburgh home messy!"

Here is why I believe this and some of my top 5 respectful habits that you can come to expect.  Please note, you should expect this from any plasterer or painter...

1. "Leave it as we found it": Working does not mean making a mess. Your home is your personal and private space. Our customers say we leave it cleaner than we found it. 


2. "Stay focused on the workspace- no intruding": Keep on track and maintain your privacy 100%


3. "Loos are yours and also will be kept with dignity": No untidy mess left in the loo. 


4. "No tracking mud or dirt around the house or outside the house". Do not leave a home or property looking like a construction site. Think about how the customer feels when a workman is in their space.


5. "No shortcuts, that lead to unnecessary mess". Spend time to prepare and cover dust, dirt, and grime. Cover workspaces and tidy up!

I hope that sets the record straight. You will rarely hear this coming from a contractor or plasterer in Edinburgh or anywhere else. These are my standards and I promise to keep them on every job. 

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