Ceiling and wall repair job- update from the road (Edinburgh EH15 Portobello)

Wall and ceiling repair is a constant of our service work in Edinburgh. Many ceiling and wall repair jobs are the result of long-term damage caused by leaks, subsidence or damp.

In this recent job in Portobello (EH15), the ceiling repair job involved cutting back to the ceiling joists, where rotten boards were removed and the whole ceiling was skim coated with finishing plaster, to bring it back to its original smoothness. 

This customer had a leak from the roof caused by broken roof tiles. As a result, the plaster became wet and unstable. The water damage from the ceiling also caused the wall to become damaged. 

Ceiling and Wall Repair (Portobello, Edinburgh)


Ceiling repair, wall repair to a dormer window from water damage- Edinburgh
image above: Edinburgh ceiling repair & wall repair to a dormer window caused by water damage- (BEFORE)


Ceiling and Wall Repair (Portobello, Edinburgh)


The damaged plaster was removed and replaced with new plasterboard. The plaster extends across the original brickwork and ceiling joists that were exposed when old plasterboard was removed. The new plastering provides a smooth, breathable and sturdy finish-- ready to paint & decorate. 

Ceiling Repair and wall repair Edinburgh
image above: Edinburgh ceiling repair and wall repair (AFTER)

This is fairly easy job for us, with many years of experience in plastering and repairing walls and ceilings. In this quick project we did not provide Decorating. If you would like we can provide a complete package. 

Learn more about Paintworks & Plastering ceiling repair, wall straightening or invisible repairs services. 

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