Fireplace removal Edinburgh- update from the road (Edinburgh EH45 Innerleithen)

Our fireplace removal service in Edinburgh seems to be popular! We are seeing many Edinburgh homeowners desiring the removal of their fireplace. This Innerleithen living room had a makeover. Here's how we removed this fireplace:

First, remove the old fireplace facade without damaging the brick wall behind the fireplace. The goal is to put a new layer of lime plaster over the wall to cover the old fireplace.

BEFORE- Fireplace to be removed 

fireplace removal- before
Fireplace removal- before...

Removing a fireplace can take a long time if you don't know what you are doing. It's essentially a small demolition job. And while it looks fun, you have to be careful not to damage whatever you find behind the fireplace. Edinburgh buildings tend to have history behind them and walls can be damaged if you charge in without assessing the foundation and wall condition as you conduct the demolition. 

fireplace removal
Fireplace removal- the controlled 'demolition'

Next, carefully conducting the fireplace removal will help preserve the floor as well as the wall/ Once the rubble is clear, the wood is recycled and the wall is ready for plastering and painting. 

AFTER- Fireplace removed, plaster added

fireplace removal-after
Fireplace removal-after

Finally, now that the fireplace has been removed and the wall gets a nice coat of fresh lime plastering to smooth it out. You can't even tell there was a fireplace there, except for the floor and trim which needs a repair. Smooth walls and no traces of a fireplace are the goals of fireplace removal.

Another happy Edinburgh customer, and one less fireplace in Auld Reakie!

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