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Plastering Services Edinburgh | Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation


Plasterboard services include wall & ceiling repair but can be applied to multiple areas, interior or exterior. Plasterboard is a modern and versatile material designed for creating ceilings and walls, either as a background for plastering or tiling.


Plasterboard can be used as a finished surface for painting once the boards have been Ames Taped, as is the case of most new builds these days. Plasterboard is also an invaluable product for making repairs to all wall types. Repairing a plasterboard wall or ceiling is not a big job and can usually be handled in a day depending on the size of your Edinburgh home.

As a leading plastering contractor in Edinburgh we are able to repair and restore plasterboard in any Edinburgh home or commercial property, interior or exterior. For new builds, we are happy to install new plasterboard as necessary.

Our ceiling repair service (covering Edinburgh and West Lothian) includes both traditional lath and modern plasterboard ceilings. We are experts in with plaster ceiling repair and ceiling moulding restoration. We can help bring your ceiling moulds, plaster cornice, covings, and structural columns back to life…..markedly so, if your property is of historic value or you are getting it ready to sell.

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Plasterboard can be damaged by condensation or water build-up, inside or outdoors. Water damaged plasterboard generally needs to be removed and replaced. Mould damage or potential for further mould is the biggest concern with flood or damp situations. Flood water or water spillage can also bring or create mould contamination. Water damaged or wetted plasterboard that is bowed or developing mould is a health hazard and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Water damaged plasterboard is difficult to see: 90% of the damage is often hidden from view. It is common for Insurers to brush over underlying problems, or for homeowners to miss water-damaged plasterboard issues– that unfortunately will come back to haunt you. If you’ve ever had undetected mould get out of hand, without your knowledge, you know what we are talking about.

If you are not sure, it is better to get an expert plasterer opinion. Paintworks & Plastering can provide a free estimate and show you if and where you have plasterboard damage in need of repair.

Please see our tips on water and flood damage for immediate steps to take. Plasterboard repair is covered by most insurance. This includes repairing your plasterboard from flood, fire and subsistence damage. See our insurance work page for more.


Plasterboard is great for making repairs to walls or ceilings. If you have holes or a hole in your ceiling or wall, we may be able to very quickly repair it with our Invisible Repairs service. Invisible repairs are suitable for cracks or holes in the existing plasterboard (walls or ceilings are most common). If you have cracks or holes on walls and need to paint immediately, or do not have time to spare, ask Paintworks & Plastering for our Invisible Repairs and get holes or cracks filled and painted the same day.


Whether you require new plasterboard or need to repair an existing area of plasterboard, (internal or external to your property) our Edinburgh based plastering experts can help. If your wall or ceiling plasterboard is unsightly, damaged or in need of repair, our experienced plasterers can make it right again. We have been carrying out plasterboard ceiling and wall repairs for 30 years and can finish your job quickly and easily, with minimum disruption. Phone for a free quote and advice on plasterboard repair in Edinburgh.

Insurance work is always welcome.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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