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Paintworks and Plastering Edinburgh provides a high quality painting and decorating and plastering service to all Edinburgh based customers. With over 20 years experience in all aspects of decorating and plastering we are fortunate to boast a varied client base of both residential and commercial contracts including homes and businesses in Edinburgh, Dundee and London. We undertake all aspects of decoration for interior painting and decorating as well as plastering.

We are happy for potential clients to take up references. Rest assured we are fully qualified City and Guilds tradesmen and we carry full insurance cover. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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We offer a full service interior decorating and plastering service for private homes, rental investments and business premises. We offer expert advice on colour schemes, paint finishes and problem areas such as condensation, durability and aesthetics.



All aspects of Interior Decorating

We offer a full service interior decorating service for private homes, rental investments and business premises. We offer expert advice on colour schemes, paint finishes and problem areas such as condensation, durability and aesthetics

Wallpaper Stripping

We offer an efficient wallpaper stripping service. This can be done on a daily rate or quoted price basis, saving you the trouble of peeling back multiple layers of woodchip and having to clean-up the mess afterwards.

Wallpaper Hanging

We offer a highly professional wallpaper hanging service, from top-end papers top standard paintable lining paper. We have all seen badly hung wallpaper; and the resulting injustice. In the right hands, the results could have been stunning. We recommend all finished papers should be hung on walls previously lined with 1000 grade lining paper.

Eco Paints

We can supply odourless, water-based and solvent-free organic paints upon request.

Communal Works

We are experts in offering a full re-paint service for common stairs, corridors and exteriors. Our process entails a site meeting with at least two property owners, followed by detailed quotes to all the owners. A color scheme consultation would then be submitted, giving a choice of three schemes. We are skilled at negotiation and consensus building to create the best outcomes for a group of neighbors. A letter of acceptance would then be required prior to the commencement of work. The final stage of our process concludes with a site meeting with at least two of the owners to ensure everything is to their satisfaction before an invoice is submitted.

Insurance Work

We are very happy to quote for insurance work. In many cases, customers require both plastering and decorating services to deal with accidents or unforeseen circumstances. Hiring us to repair the damage and make everything look fresh and new again takes the stress out of the situation. Our customers say we are very easy to deal with. We know how distressing it can be to have to deal with insurance companies.

Exterior Painting

It’s a popularly held belief that you don’t need to think about painting exterior woodwork, until it starts to peel and break down. Unfortunately, bare timber which is exposed to the elements will collect moisture which is difficult to expel. A new coat of paint on top will ensure that moisture is trapped in the wood and can do no further damage. Ideally exterior woodwork should be painted every four years.

Decorator in Edinburgh

Decorator in Edinburgh

Decorator Hanging Wallpaper in Edinburgh

Decorator Hanging Wallpaper in Edinburgh

All aspects of Plastering

Invisible Repairs

Damaged areas of old lath and plaster (period properties) can be cut back, sheeted in plasterboard and plastered to the same level as the existing area. Areas of damaged plasterboard in most modern properties can be cut back, replaced in plasterboard and Ames Taped. We take great pride in the fact that our repairs disappear once they are painted. Most new builds are Ames Taped which provides a quicker and less expensive process. Ames taping yields beautiful results, and is especially great for example in attic conversions where there are lots of angles.

Plastering over Artex

Artex was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Back then, it’s main purpose was to inexpensively cover a multitude of sins. Most people now loath it’s look. Unfortunately Artex can contain asbestos which is why we don’t advocate for its removal  (see the HSE website for guidelines). The good news is that we can safely plaster over existing Artex surfaces. This is normally a two coat process to create a perfectly smooth and paintable finish. You’ll be delighted with the transformation.

Wall Straightening

We use a two part process to level uneven walls, prior to an application of finished plaster or tiling. This is a an important consideration when fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, as a level wall can make or break a good job.


Plasterboard is a modern and versatile material designed for creating walls and ceilings, either as a background for plastering or tiling. Plasterboard can also be used as a finished surface for painting after the structure has been Ames Taped. Plasterboard is an invaluable product when making functional lath and plaster walls.

Dot and Dab Method

This is a process of sheeting walls in plasterboard quickly with plasterboard and an adhesive compound. This is a useful method as it eliminates the need for wooden framework and allows for perfect leveling whilst the adhesive is setting.

Plaster Skimming

Skimming is what most people think of when talking about plastering. We can apply a skim coat of new plaster to ceilings or walls which in turn transform a tired and worn out area into a smooth and beautiful contemporary look.

Coving and Cornicing

Both of these create an elegant look to most rooms and can successfully hide uneven joints between ceilings and walls. Although they serve the same function they involve a very different composition. Coving is composed of Gyproc and paper, the same as plasterboard. Cornice is made of Plaster of Paris which is more sympathetic to period homes.

Fireplace Removal

Not all fireplaces are created equal, and not all are regarded as a thing of beauty. Perhaps you want your fireplace removed so you can take advantage of the whole wall. We can carry this out quickly and effectively leaving a high quality plaster finish ready for decorating.

Cement Work/Rendering

This is a similar process to plastering. The main difference is we use sand and cement instead of plaster to create functional surfaces. We use this in areas where there is a lot of moisture because cement repels moisture, for example in a basement.

Plasterer in Edinburgh

Plasterer in Edinburgh

Plastering Over Fireplace in Edinburgh

Plastering Over Fireplace in Edinburgh