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Plastering Services Edinburgh | Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation


We specialise in following ceiling repair services for our plastering & decorating services in Edinburgh:

  • Traditional Lath ceiling repair
  • Plasterboard ceiling repair
  • Ceiling and cornice repair
  • Ceiling coving installation
  • Historic property ceiling repair & restoration
  • Insurance ceiling repairs

We are top-rated ceiling repair contractors in Edinburgh.

Our ceiling repair service covers all areas of Edinburgh and includes both traditional lath and modern plasterboard ceilings. We provide plaster ceiling repair and ceiling moulding restoration. In addition we can bring your ceiling moulds, plaster cornice, covings, and structural columns back to life…markedly if your property is of historic value or you are getting it ready to sell. Rest assured, we can restore damaged plaster moulds back to their splendour, without requiring removal.

A word or two about how we approach the most common ceiling repair services: lath and plaster ceiling repair.


Lath And Plaster ceiling repair in Edinburgh constitutes a good deal of our Edinburgh ceiling repair service work.

How we approach traditional lath ceiling repairs:

In the case of traditional Edinburgh lath ceilings we will cut back and remove the defective plaster, plasterboard will then be fitted directly onto the straps used to hold the original lath in place. This area is then plastered to the same level of the original plastered ceiling. We have vast experience as ceiling repair contractors in Edinburgh.


Plasterboard ceiling repair also constitutes much of our Edinburgh ceiling repair contractor jobs.

How we approach plasterboard ceiling repairs:

Modern plasterboard ceilings are cut back to the ceiling joists, new boards are the filled and either Ames Taped or the whole ceiling is skim coated with finishing plaster, depending on the original finishing process of the original boards.


Water damage is probably the most common form of ceiling repair. The causes are many: leaking pipes from Edinburgh’s Victorian (or modern!) plumbing system. Leaking roofs– heaven knows Edinburgh gets its fair share of rain! Rain and damp tend to cause horrendous water damage to ceilings. Subsidence damage can create problems including the need for repairing your ceiling. Likewise, flood damage can destroy a floor/ceiling, especially if a neighbour is the cause of your ceiling damage.

Ceiling sagging or “billowing” is considered a fairly labour intensive ceiling repair job, due to the considerable amount of debris involved.

Ceiling holes and cracked ceilings are typical repair jobs. Due to the historic nature of the City of Edinburgh, a cracked ceiling is a symptom of aging. See this advise if you are restoring a period property. If there are multiple cracks, especially in the middle of the room and they are wide or very long, this may be a more serious ceiling repair job. If the cracks are more than 1.5 mm or 1/16 of an inch– contact a ceiling repair contractor in Edinburgh (that’s us!) immediately.

Note: Note with ceilingrepair, cracks with dips are usually the result of structural beam collapse (again subsidence may be a factor).

Finding the location of the crack in the ceiling is an important first step. Sometimes your ceiling cracks will be very small or difficult to detect. Again, Edinburgh properties are usually historic homes or built on top of 100+ year old structures or foundations.


1. Can I repair or paint over a water-damaged ceiling? You can paint over minor damage but in cases of water damage, it may require ceiling repair before painting.

Note: Peeling paint can also be taken care of, as part of the plastering job or the decorating package option below.

2. How do I get rid of water stains on a ceiling? You should first fix the leak or source of water damage, this is important. Next, a stain-resistant primer should be used to prevent stains from showing once it is painted.

3. How fast can I repair my ceiling, if it is water damaged? If your roof has water damaged the ceiling, as soon as the source of the leak has been rectified and the area has dried out completely.

4. Can Paintworks & Plastering provide an opinion before providing a quote? Yes! Contact us and we will come out and assess the ceiling repair damage.

5. How can I tell if my ceiling is safe? You will need a professional opinon– we will provide a free assessment. Note: If it is dangerous, we can secure the ceiling so that you do not have to vacate the property.


Ceiling repair Edinburgh-based contractors, Paintworks & Plastering, offer a full re-decorating service–providing you with a complete plastering & decorating package.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
Ceiling Repair
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