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Do you supply written quotations?
Yes always. Each part of the Plastering or Decorating procedure is listed and is normally itemize per room.
Do you have references?
Yes, we can supply you with at least two references with our quotation for you to contact.
Do you have insurance?
Yes we carry Public Liability £10,000,000 and Employers Liability £ 5,000,000

Plastering Questions

Can you plaster over Artex?
Yes, this will require a touch more work as the area in question needs to be scraped back first, this is however no problem. Note: removal of Artex requires a certified hazardous materials removal specialist, we recommend to plaster over Artex wherever possible. However, we can arrange for removal following current Scottish government guidelines to keep you and your family/ home safe.
Do I need to remove skirting boards and door facings?
Not necessarily. Skirting boards and door architraves can be plastered too, however if you are having new ones fitted it is ideal to remove them before plastering. This can be incorporated into the price.
Do I need extra sockets and more lights?
One thing to take into account is have I got enough sockets and do I want more lights? It is good practice to have any additional ones fitted before plastering starts. This can be incorporated into the price.
Will you plaster behind my radiators?
All radiators need to be removed before plastering starts. This is a service we can carry out or you can remove them yourself.
How long do I have to wait for the plaster to dry before decorating?
It really depends on the conditions, however, normally the ceiling will take about three days and the walls a touch longer depending on any repairs done.
Can I apply paint directly on newly plastered walls and ceilings?
It is always best to seal with a thinned-up coat of matt emulsion, six parts paint to four parts water.
How long does it take to plaster a room?
Depending on the size and angles in the room, most rooms can be plastered in between two and four days.
Do I need to remove the carpets?
There is no need to remove the carpets as sheets with boards on top can be laid as protection. However, if you are replacing the carpet it is best to remove it. This is a service we can carry out.

Decorating Questions

Which is the best brand of paint to use?
This is purely a matter of opinion, however we tend to use Dulux Trade, Permoglaze Professional and Crown Trade. These are all trade paints, and in our opinion, superior in consistency and durability to other DIY brands.
Which is the best emulsion to use?
This depends upon its intended purpose and personal taste. These are the four main ones:
  • Matt Finish: A totally flat finish marks easily though, an ideal paint for ceilings and cornices.
  • Vinyl Matt: Creates a soft warm finish, similar to matte but harder wearing. Ideal for family rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Not recommended in bathrooms as steam can cause damage to its finish.
  • Soft Sheen: It can be used in pretty much any room including bathrooms, as it is water-resistant. But it also gives a cooler feel than its matt counterparts.
  • Vinyl Silk: Gives a hard-wearing finish therefore is ideal in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, or porches. It is very water-resistant and can be washed to remove marks. It has a harder look than the other finishes though and will show up imperfections in ceilings and walls due to its highly reflective nature.
Can you hang wallpaper over the existing wallpaper?
This is not something we would recommend as the existing paper may react to the adhesive used to hang the new paper, resulting in a bad finish. It is always preferable to strip the existing paper before proceeding.
When should lining paper be used?
Lining paper provides a sound background for finished wallpaper. It can also be painted to achieve a good finish on plain walls.
Do I need to empty the room?
No, we can always manage to move the large pieces of furniture into the middle of the room and cover them in protective sheets.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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