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Flood Damage Restoration Advice



Flood or water damage is a nightmare. If you have had it happen you know what we mean. Here are some things to think about regarding water and flood damage restoration in your Edinburgh home or property.

First, you are not alone, owning a home brings the “flood curse”. Statistics show nearly 40% of homeowners have water damage in their homes. Pipes and plumbing are a big cause in the UK. In fact, it is our most common Insurance Work claim– as well as that throughout Edinburgh.

Before you contact us to quote your flood damage repair, here’s what you should do immediately:

1. Turn off your water and electricity. Remove all electrical items if it is safe to do so.

2. Move furniture and electrical items. Letting furniture sit will draw mould and will kill your electronic devices. Put furniture on blocks if you can not remove it.

3. Remove any standing water. Go to B&Q (or any related Edinburgh store) and buy a wet vacuum to remove the excess water. Lingering water can cause further damage so it is important to get that up quickly.

4. Circulate the air and begin drying. Buy a dehumidifier or large fans (you can rent these from various places). To prevent further damage and mould, you need to get the air circulating. Leave the fans on, and call us immediately!

If you are beyond this point and have mould damage, there are a few things you can do about this.


We see quite a bit of mould in Edinburgh property restoration and insurance work. Here’s what we can tell you…

1. First, how big is the water damage and mould area? If it is more than 3 metres, don’t bother.

2. How old is the mould and what type is it? Black mould is very dangerous and you should not attempt to clean it without protective gear.

3. Wearing gloves and a protective face mask (buy a proper one if you can or make your own on Youtube). Clean the mould with detergent (strong soap and water). Ventilate the area.

4. Do not paint mould covered walls or surfaces. Make sure the mould is 100% clean and dry before painting. Mould underneath will cause your paint to peel later.

5. Watch out for hidden mould and be careful of mould on valuable items. You might want professional help if you are concerned about either of these flood damage problems.

If your home or area is damp or this mould issue is re-occurring, look at ventilation and building better ventilation in the offending area. Moisture and humidity can cause build-up of bacteria and viruses and cause long term health issues that make flood damage seem like the last of your problems.

Note: Most water and flood damage will be covered by your insurance, so check with them first. Pipes and plumbing are covered by home insurance as they are very common causes of water and flood damage.

Flood damage repair jobs that we typically take on include ceiling, floor, and wall repair. Ceilings and floors are important to repair first because they can cause sagging and collapsing later on. In repairing your ceiling or floor, we want to find the root cause of the damage and get that repaired. This might involve a plumber. We can refer you to a trusted tradesmen, or you can have your own fix the source of the water damage problem.

As with all our insurance work jobs in Edinburgh, we will assess the extent of the flood and water damage, give you information and options, and provide a quote for the appropriate flood damage restoration or repair. We can provide full plastering and painting & decorating as needed per job.

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Flood Damage Restoration Advice


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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