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Period property restoration in Edinburgh is one of our specialties. We take great pride in helping Edinburgh home-owners of historic or period properties restore them to their natural beauty and character.

We specialise in the sympathetic restoration of Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian properties from traditional hand-mixed limewash/distemper to traditional lime plastering.

Due to the historical or architectural value of heritage or listing of your building, you may need consent to restore or refurbish your property. If you are not sure if your home, or building is a listed building, you can search if your building is listed with the Scottish government.

Our approach to Edinburgh period property restorations is to handle restoration with great respect for the underlying history of the building materials and the architectural design that brought the structure to life. It is not uncommon to find historic elements from the past eg the use of horsehair plastering or hand-made nails. The key to property restoration is to carefully approach the restoration process a step at a time, to minimise damage and preserve the character of the property or outbuilding.

There are three service areas we offer in period property restoration.


If you have a renovation project in mind, Paintworks & Plastering can provide you with suggested steps for minimising damage and cost of restoration. We have found both factors to be pertinent in Edinburgh homes, buildings, or properties of historic value.

We always go the extra mile to source traditional materials in keeping with the original fabric of the building. We are more than happy to source original mouldings or to have new ones run-up to match the existing, from a simple picture rail to single or double box skirtings.


Period property restoration often requires refurbishing design elements that were used back in Edinburgh’s Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian periods. Having worked on numerous refurbishment projects over the years, we can help with restoring the original facade, patina, or structural value back to a high-quality. Heritage or period property restoration is a process of renewal and artisanal skill to bring historic or period properties back to life! We consider the process as a labour of love.


Restoring Edinburgh period properties we have found, requires skill, patience, and respect for the historical significance of your infrastructure, the design, and methods used to create it. Period property restoration requires expert care. Our 20-year track record in Edinburgh has provided many opportunities for us to understand Edinburgh’s buildings, structures, and designs of the past sympathetically.

We take great pride in keeping these skills alive as well as preserving the original workmanship of times gone by.

Building restoration especially of period properties requires careful planning and structural research to ensure you properly approach the project. We will happily help you through the restoration process and provide an accurate quote based on what is required to protect and restore your structure in a most elegant fashion.

Ring us today for an opinion about how to approach your period property restoration project. Restoring, renovating, and refurbishing period properties can be daunting. We will bring skill and care to your property restoration project, and can also help you navigate decisions that can save you time and money while getting your historic or period property back to its unique character and beauty once more!


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
Period Property Renovation

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Period property renovation
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