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Paint is toxic, eco-paints are not. Lowering your toxic load is important to protect your health. Our eco-paints are beautiful, organic as well as solvent-free.


Painting and decorating in the 21st century means eco-friendly paints first. For many families or health-conscious individuals, especially in forward-thinking cities like Edinburgh, we are looking to keep toxic materials out of our living spaces. So health and well being is the biggest concern.

In addition, eco-paints are good for the environment! Whether you are doing your own DIY home painting project or hiring an Edinburgh painting and decorating company, you should look into VOC-free paints. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the airbourne contaminants that you don’t need in the air you breathe indoors. If you research eco-paints or ‘green paint’ you will see this is not a fad, there are legitimate concerns with keeping your home air quality safe. VOC-containing paints are required to be labeled by current UK and EU law.

There are different grades of eco-paint or VOC-free paint depending on how pure your needs are: some immune systems are highly allergic and require a higher grade of VOC-free paint. Note: The more high-grade VOC-free paints tend to be much more expensive and also may limit your colour options.


Locally sourced (Edinburgh or UK made) eco-friendly and organic eco-paints are available for your painting and decorating project. All our eco-paints, finishes and lacquers (including our locally-sourced lime plastering) are free of airbourne chemicals and gases that can compromise your health. This is especially a concern if you or a child or pet has allergies or a compromised immune system.

Eco-paints aka solvent-free, zero-VOC paints–are available for interior or exterior surfaces. Thankfully, today there are quite a few eco-paint options available on the market (with varying price ranges). The demand for eco-paint has also led to paint being marketed as ‘organic paint’, when it really is not truly eco-friendly. We can help you sort out the difference and get you the right eco-paint, that meets your standards.

Paintworks & Plastering of Edinburgh can provide you with a free consultation and quote that reflects your price range as well as a desire for the best paint option. Choosing an Edinburgh painter and decorator who has experience in eco-friendly and eco-paints is a must.


We can supply eco-friendly and non-toxic paints that are odourless, water-based and VOC (solvent-free) for your painting project. VOC-free paints come in a variety of VOC-free wall paints, wood finishes and environmentally-friendly MDF paint, radiator paint and ‘air-purifying’ wall paint.

Free colour consultation-with 30 years experience we’ve helped hundreds of Edinburgh homeowners make-over their homes with eco-friendly painting and decorating.

Remember, all our Painting and Decorating services (Edinburgh) are backed by a 365-day satisfaction guarantee. We will price-match any bid you have already including eco-paints.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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