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Hole repairs and wall crack repairs might be the reason you want to hire a plasterer for your Edinburgh job. However full plastering services can be minimized by invisibly repairing holes and cracks on ceilings or walls. This technique we use on our Edinburgh plastering jobs is called Invisible Repairs.


Repairing holes and cracks that appear on walls, floors or ceilings is quick and easy. How you repair these holes depends on the damage. Care should be taken if your home is listed or historic. Large hole wall or ceiling repairs usually require traditional lime plastering services. However, most cracks or holes on walls can be quickly dealt with and can be filled and painted in the same day. We call these invisible repairs, as they do not require multi-day drying.


Plasterboard repair for walls or ceilings typically follows a construction or home project and can include accidental damage. Edinburgh insurance repairs for wall and ceiling are common for us. In Edinburgh, we have seen how punching a hole in your wall after a football game, can create the need for this wall repair service too! Whether large holes or small holes, we can help you repair your wall or ceiling.

Filling a hole or crack in the wall requires some plastering to make it invisible. Here’s how we fill and paint holes in your wall, the most common problem simple repair problem Edinburgh homeowners face.

1. Prepare your damaged area. Note: Assessing the depth of damage should be done first. If you are not sure, phone us for a free assessment.

2. Mix some fresh plaster.

3. Fill the hole or crack with the plaster.

4. Smooth off and fill any deep holes. Note: Larger holes may require skimming.

5. Either paint and decorate, or repair lath and plaster. Note: Lath is a narrow strip of wood that is used on walls and ceilings to hold the plaster.


Edinburgh plasterers can repair your wall or ceiling damage! Damaged areas of lath and plaster are typical on period properties, built in Edinburgh prior to 1935…

We begin repairing the lath & plaster by using a process that cuts back and removes the area of damaged plaster. The area is then sheeted with plasterboard to a level lower than the original plaster. This is then plastered to the level of the original plaster. Finally, a band of specialist filler is applied around the joins to achieve an invisible repair.

Brick or stone walls are dealt with in the same manner with either plasterboard being attached with powered building adhesive or the area being plastered with undercoating plaster. The finishing process is the same as for lath and plaster.

Areas of damaged plasterboard (in most modern properties ) can be cut out, framed around the void with wood, and then replaced with a plasterboard of the same depth as the existing boards. The joins are then Ames Taped to produce an invisible repair.

Note: If you are repairing a crack or hole in the wall of a period property, you might also want to see our historic property renovation service.


The goal of an invisible repair is to make it seem like no crack or hole was there to begin with. Once the plaster fill process above has been completed, it is then ready to paint. Here we aim for like-for-like matching to ensure colour changes are not detected by the eye.

We are happy to carry out the final decorating work to complete the job. We will take away a section of the removed wall/ceiling and have the colour scanned to obtain as close a match as possible.

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Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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