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Artex is a textured coating that was very popular in Scotland and the UK in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It’s use was mainly on ceilings. Back then its main purpose was to cover a multitude of sins. However, however most Edinburgh homeowners now loathe the look of Artex. As a result, plasterers in Edinburgh tend to plaster over Artex whenever possible.

Artex ceilings require either removal or plastering over the Artex. Removing Artex is not expensive, but doing it yourself without training can cause damage to your ceiling and to your health.


Artex can contain hazardous materials including asbestos! Artex that was installed in Edinburgh prior to the year 2000 is suspected of containing hazardous chemicals. This is why any good Edinburgh plasterer would not normally recommend its removal. Artex removal requires trained specialists and a process that must be followed, including testing for asbestos. However, unless you are dead set on this, we would recommend containing and managing the asbestos issue with plastering over the Artex. The reason is that Artex removal contains a lot of dangerous dust and it is not necessary to disturb the problem.

Most of our Edinburgh customers opt for plastering over Artex. Plastering over Artex seals the potentially hazardous Artex fibres, and is not considered a health hazard. Also some Artex does not contain asbestos fibres, which is why testing is required if you are serious about removing it first.

The good news is that we can safely plaster over existing Artex surfaces. In fact, most of our Edinburgh-based plastering contractor work involves plastering over Artex. Our plasterer will use an Edinburgh testing service to determine if your Artex is toxic and advise from there. If you want the Artex removed, and it contains asbestos, it will require hiring a third party to remove the Artex per current legislation and guidelines.

This involves a two-coat process to create a perfectly straight and smooth paintable surface. We use an over-skimming and over-boarding process that seals the Artex and manages any potential asbestos from being released. This is the preferable method, recommended by plastering contractors, experts as well as the option most Edinburgh homeowners and commercial properties opt for.


If your Edinburgh home is older, it’s likely you have asbestos-laden Artex. We will guide you through the options with our goal being to help you get your ceilings smooth and flat again, and ready for painting and decorating. Artex removal or plastering over Artex, by our plasterers in Edinburgh, should not be an expensive or time-consuming process. Plastering over Artex is relatively straight forward but requires expertise and know-how.

Our Plastering over Artex service can help and give you peace of mind so that your health and your ceiling are safe and secure.

We can guarantee (learn about our 365 Satisfaction Guarantee) that you’ll be delighted with the end result. Paintworks & Plastering are highly trained plasterers that can help you remove your Artex or preferably plaster over Artex. We can help you get your ceiling back to a smooth and polished look quickly.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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