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To some of our Edinburgh plastering customers, there is nothing worse than a wonky wall. A perfectly straight wall is an important consideration when fitting a new kitchen or bathroom as a straight and level wall can make or break your home or commercial project.

Thankfully this can be rectified using a various variety of wall straightening methods.


Good plasterers in Edinburgh never underestimate the value of a straight wall (or ceiling)! Likewise, a good plasterer should never leave a wall NOT straightened! When homes or buildings are being built, restored, or renovated, avoiding wonky walls is crucial. If your walls are not straight they can cause all sorts of problems. For example, it could put a damper on installing appliances in your kitchen.

Skimming is a plastering art form that sadly is not always done well by professional plasterers, and not just in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a historic city, so it’s walls and ceilings are not always straight to begin with. Proper wall construction or repair and plasterer skimming can help straighten your walls.

External walls are plastered using a plastering technique called rendering. Skilled rendering is also important.

In straightening your walls, it is important to recognize the relationship walls have to other structures of your home or space. This is where wall leveling or poor plastering jobs often lose sight of the bigger picture. When you straighten a wall, you are removing skirting or coving and may be effecting door frames, sockets, or radiators…the list goes on!


Wall straightening is one of our specialties, as time-served plasterers serving Edinburgh, and West Lothian. Fixing wonky walls are our specialty!

Here are the approaches we provide with our wall straightening service…

The wall can be stripped back of all plaster, and the Dot and Dab method applied, to brick or stone walls.

With plasterboard, lath walls can be stripped back of all plaster, packed out with wood and sheeted with plasterboard.

Another method is to plaster the wall with an undercoat plaster, straighten this with long rules and then skim with finishing plaster. This process is known as float and set.

Rest assured, an unsightly plaster wall can easily be repaired with a skim coat. We have worked on many hundreds of Edinburgh and West Lothian wall straightening plastering projects. Our wall and ceiling plastering straightening service is among our top skills.

Note: If your wall or ceiling is not straight, our plastering services can rectify issues using similar approaches.


After your wall or ceiling has been straightened, a final skim coat of finishing plaster is applied. Whether you need to smooth out internal or external plaster walls or ceilings, we can help you repair or fix damaged walls as part of our plastering service. We guarantee complete satisfaction for 1 year.

After your wall or ceiling is straightened, it can then be primed and painted. A full painting and decorating package is available as an additional service.

Contact us for a free quote and price matched to the lowest like-for-like bid.

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Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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