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Plastering Services Edinburgh | Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation


We offer our Edinburgh customers an efficient wallpaper stripping service. This can be done on a daily rate or quoted price basis, saving you the trouble of peeling back multiple layers of wallpaper.


Facing the headache of attempting the DIY route for removing old, damaged, or just plain ugly wallpaper? Want a smooth, fresh look for your walls? Save yourself the hassle, time, and energy of doing your own wallpaper removal by hiring Paintworks and Plastering. Our comprehensive and reliable wallpaper removal service in Edinburgh offer clean, fast and efficient way of wallpaper stripping before the subsequent painting and decorating of walls.

We know that wallpaper stripping is possibly one of the most labour intense, time-consuming, and challenging DIY jobs you can undertake. Although hiring a painter and decorator may cost more, it can constitute a real saving in terms of your peace of mind and your time. We are extremely good at what we do. The dreaded woodchip is no problem for us!

At Paintworks and Plastering, we offer an efficient wallpaper stripping service across the whole of Edinburgh. This can be done on a daily rate or quoted price basis, saving you the trouble of peeling back multiple layers of woodchip and having to clean up the mess afterward.

We are truly proficient at wallpaper stripping and hanging. Our approach is to ensure any furnishings are completely removed or covered during work and extreme care is taken to prevent any damage during our Edinburgh painting and plastering services. We leave our customers in no doubt that we take great care to protect and respect their homes.


Before we begin your wallpaper removal project, we will take into account the factors which dictate how to most efficiently complete the process. This includes determining how the wallpaper was applied, about how long it has been on the walls. It also includes determining whether the walls were properly sealed or primed.

We are extremely good at what we do and we always supply all the necessary materials and tools in order to speed up the whole process. We will then remove the wallpaper coverings using our state-of-the-art professional techniques to get your walls ready for decorating.

Once your wallpaper is expertly removed, you’ll likely want to give your walls a new, fresh look. We can provide recommendations for beautiful, sleek walls you will enjoy for years to come. As with all services offered by Paintworks and Plastering of Edinburgh we want to ensure you are totally satisfied. That’s why we provide free quotes, affordable pricing, and results that will last for years to come.

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Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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