Plaster Coving and Cornice add a touch of elegance and style to finish off any room. In our Edinburgh plastering service work, we enjoy creating this final step, as it brings a room back to life with a touch of class. Plaster Cornice and Coving and Ceiling Rose is usually performed with traditional lime plastering service. Coving and Cornice can be installed or repaired in private homes or commercial buildings. 

Why add Coving and Cornice to your room?

Coving and Cornice create an elegant look to most rooms, but also have the advantage of successfully hiding uneven joints between ceilings and walls. Although they serve the same purpose, they are composed of very different materials.

Coving is composed of gypsum with a paper outer skin, the same as plasterboard. Cornice is composed purely of Plaster of Paris which is more sympathetic to period property restoration, especially in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh based coving and cornice installation and repair

Paintworks & Plastering of Edinburgh provide new installation and repair service for coving and cornicing. The repair of cornice work involves taking a profile of the existing cornice and removing the damaged area. We then re-fit new lengths that are cast from the profile and made to match the existing cornice.

A historic city like Edinburgh, commonly uses Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian themes in homes and flats. Whether you are updating an existing home, creating a new build with a touch of class, or embarking on a historic renovation, choosing a cove and cornice that gives you the look you want is very important. This applies both to repair and to new installation as part of plastering and/or decorating services. 

Types of Cornice- repair and installation

The two popular cornice types we install in Edinburgh homes include Victorian and Georgian cornice. Modern cornice can be used for an Art Deco effect, and is preferred for modern or new builds that are looking for a clean and simple style. Note: There are many styles to choose from, but these are the three most common. 

Victorian cornicing brings a decadent look and feel to a room (buildings from 1837-1901). Victorian cornice has many ridges and curves which gives your ceiling a nice visual effect, while maintaining a shallow depth. 

Georgian cornice is suited best for historic home renovations (buildings dating from 1714-1837). However Georgian cornice can also add a historic look to a modern property if that is what you are looking for. Like Victorian cornice, Georgian cornice can be used to increase the value of your property. Since Edinburgh buildings use many Greco-Roman styles, it can be a popular addition for a touch of elegance and antiquity. 

Image: Cornice installation styles common in Edinburgh

Ceiling rose and more 

For a more ornate look choose Ceiling rose. Ceiling rose is available as an additional service when having cornice or coving installed or repaired. Like cove and cornice, ceiling roses add that elegant feel to a room but also improve the property value, style, and decadence. 

If you are improving your ornamental value, you might also consider Dado and Wall mouldings as well as coving lighting and LED coving. External coving can also be installed to give the outside of your home or property a complete ornamental finish. 

Repair, restore or add new Cornice for an elegant touch

With vast experience in ornamental cove and cornice repair and installation in Edinburgh and West Lothian, we can help add a look of class to your property.

Our mouldings are constructed with superior strength plaster for a long-lasting impact both on style and longevity. Whether you are looking to create new cornices or repair and restore old ones, Paintworks and Plastering can help!

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