Plastering does not always require wet plastering as with traditional lime plastering. Dot and Dab plastering brings speed and efficiency to a plasterboard replacement project. The Dot and Dab method of plastering also means you can paint much faster (3-6 hours set time) since you do not have to wait for drying or re-skimming/ plastering. 

What is Dot and Dab plastering?

Dot and Dab (often called drylining) is a process of sheeting brick or stone walls with plasterboard using a powdered gypsum bonding compound. Dot and Dab or 'dotting' involves sticking DriWall adhesive to the plasterboard to secure it to the wall. 

This method can also be applied to previously plastered walls following the application of a grit-based primer, which we use to achieve a suitable medium for the adhesive.

Why Dot and Dab plastering?

Hiring a plasterer in Edinburgh is sometimes tricky because traditional lime plastering involves waiting for the plastering to dry between applications. Again, its advantage is fast setting time (as little as 3 hours), perfect for plastering jobs in a hurry.  

Dot and Dab is a useful method as it eliminates the need for a wooden framework and allows for perfect leveling before the adhesive sets. Compared to traditional plastering, there is less mess to deal with. This is because less water is used.

Finally, the Dot and Dab method of plastering is faster and cheaper than traditional lime plastering.

However, be aware that drylining (Dot and Dab) is not good for walls requiring soundproofing. If soundproofing is an issue,  further insulation or soundproofing materials will be recommended.

Also, walls that have drylining may be weaker and prone to damage. We have worked with many Edinburgh customers to help you weigh the options of whether Dot and Dab is the right approach for your project. We want you to be happy so we will let you know which plastering service we recommend and why. We will go through all of the pros and cons with you. 

See our Traditional Lime Plastering service for a comparison

Painting and wallpaper hanging to complete

Once Dot and Dab has been completed you can immediately paint, decorate, or hang wallpaper. We are happy to quote a complete package including painting and decorating as well as plastering. We can provide options depending on your needs and what you are trying to achieve. 

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