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Traditional lime plastering is essential to maintaining the heritage of Edinburgh properties. Unfortunately, as a skill, traditional lime plastering is disappearing with the new generation of plasterers.

If you train as a plasterer, you will most likely not be trained in traditional lime plastering. So it is important to evaluate the experience level before you hire a plasterer for your Edinburgh project.

Traditional lime plastering, or “lime plastering” is ideal for conservation and restoration projects, insurance work, or new builds. Our traditional lime plastering service can be used to bring historic or listed buildings back to life. It can also be used to restore areas prone to damp or flood damage, such as basements.

We can replace any old or damaged lime plastering exactly as it was before. This applies to cornices and ceilings. And of course, lime plastering can be used to restore or repair your walls and wooden laths.


Traditional lime plaster is a binding material that uses organic material, versus cement. Lime plaster consists of sand, water, and lime, this can be applied directly onto brickwork, stone, or directly onto your lath. Historically, it is a technique that has been used for centuries. It is not uncommon for us to find horsehair plastering used in Edinburgh properties that we work in. Over the years, while performing our traditional lime plastering service, we have seen how strong and long-lasting it is. Lime sucks out moisture. Very important in Edinburgh!


Cement plaster does not have as many benefits as traditional lime plaster. Cement is prone to cracking, letting water in, and causing synthetic paint to peel due to water ingress. Lime plaster on the other hand is more durable, protects better against condensation and mold, and is less prone to cracking. The reason it has lasted thousands of years as a building material is its durability. Since it is less brittle than gypsum plaster, it does not require expansion joints. Edinburgh’s historic properties and successful renovations owe their elegance to traditional lime plaster. If you don’t see a lot of cracks in buildings around Edinburgh, it’s because of traditional lime plastering work done long ago. Lime is suited to pushing out damp and is ideal for both internal or external plastering jobs.

Lime plastering gives you a strong, flexible, and long-lasting structure. Another advantage is its workability in creating concave and convex walls and ceilings. Traditional lime plastering, if performed properly will give you a surface that will endure, unlike cement or gypsum.


Paintworks and Plastering are highly trained in conservation and restoration using traditional lime plastering. We regularly do ceiling and wall plaster repairs and restorations, as well as modern plastering: skimming, coving, stud work, or plastering over Artex. Our traditional lime plastering service covers homeowners or business buildings and properties.

This is a three-coat process involved in the process of our traditional lime plastering service. However, the advantages are its strength, flexibility, and longevity. We can remove unwanted ceiling textures or do new build ceiling plastering.

In our traditional lime plastering service, we use a combination of lime mortar and lime render. We use lime mortar to improve breathability and protect against damp or rot. We use lime render to enhance the look and structural durability of external buildings. Lime render adds a flexible finish and protects against cracking (unlike cement plaster), while purging damp and moisture.

Traditional lime plaster can be used with a lime wash or lime-based paints (see our Eco Paints service). Lime plaster is non-toxic and considered a sustainable building material. If your Edinburgh property is of historic value or you are looking to benefit from the flexibility, strength, and durability of lime plaster, contact us today. We will provide a quote for your job as well as a free assessment of how our traditional lime plastering expertise can transform your building or home improvement project.

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Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
Traditional lime Plastering

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Traditional Lime plastering

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