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Trouble Finding a Good Plasterer in Edinburgh?


The topic of this post is finding a good plasterer in Edinburgh!

“It’s really hard to find a good plasterer these days”. How many times have you heard this?

Plastering requires skill but it requires a lot more to hire a great plasterer. I asked my customers throughout Edinburgh and West Lothian to describe what was important to them and why they chose Paintworks & Plastering. Here are the qualities they described and my comments based on what is important to me having been in the industry for nearly three decades.

1. Competitive rate- Our rates are no-nonsense. Starting in 2020, we will match any quote on plastering or property restoration in Edinburgh.

2. Prompt- We will get back to you quickly and work quickly.

3. Works efficiently- With over 25 years of experience, not guesswork on the job.

4. Polite- Your home is your private space, and you deserve manners from any good Edinburgh plasterer.

5. High standard of work- Certified and experienced with hundreds of jobs and thousands of hours. No cutting corners.

6. Quality product- We treat your job like it is our own home, high quality at affordable rates.

7. Suggest what is reasonable- No need to do something that is not required, or to add additional expense. You need choices, and we give them to you. That’s a sign of a good plasterer!

8. Trustworthy- Trust is the foundation of our agreement. You can count on a high degree of trust.

9. Dependable- We will do as we say and communicate with you all along.

10. Tidy up- Keeping your space clean and clear, and leaving it as we found it.

11. Good communicator- Good plasterers are good at Communication, quoting, the job itself, and overall customer service.

12. Good reputation- Our business is based on your referrals and recommendations.

13. Professional- How problems or questions are handled, how you feel, and how satisfied you are with our performance.

14. Perfectionist- Every detail is taken into account. We aim not to be a good plasterer, but impeccable plasterer.

15. On-time finish- We strive to finish each job on time and have a 95% success rate.

16. High standard of customer service- Your experience matters to us. We want you to be happy at all times.

17. Satisfied customers- You get what you wanted, on budget and on time, and had a good experience working with us. Please check our Google reviews.

18. Satisfaction Guarantee- We offer a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied.

I am humbled to be held to this list of traits of a good plasterer. In Edinburgh, there is no excuse for shoddy work or an untidy plasterer. If you have not had an experience that satisfied you, maybe you need to find a new plasterer.

Phone us for a friendly chat and see if we can help you with your goals. I hope to be that good plasterer you find in Edinburgh

Best regards,


Owner, Paintworks and Plastering

Trouble Finding a Good Plasterer in Edinburgh?


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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