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Plastering Services Edinburgh | Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation


Our plastering services for Edinburgh homes and commercial properties often involves skimming. Note: The terms skimming and plastering are often used interchangeably. Plastering refers to an overall set of services, chiefly traditional lime plastering. Skimming is a technique used in plastering and offers a way to smooth finish a wall in preparation for painting or wallpaper hanging.

Skimming is done over new plasterboard or on existing walls or ceilings. We apply a skim coat of new plaster to ceilings or walls as a way to prepare the surface for interior design: painting and decorating and wallpapering. Skimming uses non-toxic plaster which we often use with non-toxic paint, a popular option in Edinburgh.

See our Eco-paint painting service.


Skimming is a plastering service usually carried out on a repair, renovation or a new build. Skimming is usually on walls and ceilings- which gives it that smooth look and finish. Skimming can be done over Artex, which once removed, offers a smooth finish (see plastering over Artex service). Ceiling skimming (skim coating) and wall skimming help cover old or damaged plaster areas and provide a continuous and even finish usually associated with plastering.


Edinburgh’s homes and commercial properties often have subsidence or water damage, creating uneven surfaces or cracks, typically in walls or ceilings. A quality re-skimming can make a rough-looking or uneven wall or ceiling seem like new again. Skim-coats can be applied over walls or to coat or repair ceilings. Skimming is very common, especially after water damage or flood damage restoration. We typically patch, repair, or restore a ceiling or wall and add a skim coat to bring it back to life.

Plastering and the skimming method performed professionally can create a noticeable smooth and flat surface finish. Combined with our Edinburgh and West Lothian professional painting and decorating service, or the addition of ornamental cornice and coving your Edinburgh home or property will not only increase in value but look like a dream!

All plastering and skim plastering (skimming) work comes with a 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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