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We are very happy to quote for insurance work. In many cases, customers require both plastering and decorating services to deal with accidents or unforeseen circumstances. Insurance work is a regular part of our business and we can provide a professional and competitive quote for insurance cases.

Note: Our competitor price match guaranteed stands for any insurance work undertaken in Edinburgh. Our goal at Paintworks & Plastering with fire, flood or subsidence damage restoration is to help you quickly reverse the damage caused by fire, water, soot or smoke and get you back to normal living.

Insurance work in our experience in Edinburgh falls into three areas: Fire damage, flood damage, subsistence damage. Here we will outline those with a description of what they are and how we handle Insurance Work in Edinburgh for both painting/decorating and plastering specifically. Paintworks and Plastering of Edinburgh have 25 years of experience in fire damage, flood damage, and subsidence damage repair and restoration.


Fire damage restoration usually involves dealing with the effects of smoke, soot, and water damage that putting out the fire causes. Typical areas for fire damage renovation are walls, ceilings, and floors. Soot, and smoke damage can leave a mess that requires careful repair. See our fire damage restoration tips below.

Fire damage looks irreversible but it is not. We have taken many fire-damaged properties in Edinburgh and reversed them back to normal. The key is to act fast and minimise your down-time. If you are a business you want to take fire damage repair seriously– there is an estimate that many businesses with fire damage disruption go out of business. Our goal is to minimize your disruption to your Edinburgh business or home and restore your fire damaged property back to new.

See our Fire Restoration Damage Advice


Flood damage often occurs in fire damage incidents due to the extinguisher or agents used. Of course flooding and damp, mould or mildew can result from water or flood damage at any time. Poor ventilation and circulation can rot floor or ceiling areas before or even after repair– especially homeowner attempts at repair that do not address the root cause and remediate properly. See our flood damage restoration tips below.

With flood and water damage cases, we take the utmost care to look after your valuables and bring your Edinburgh property back to life.

See our Flood Damage Restoration Advice


Subsidence is a reality of owning a home, or business property in Edinburgh. Most people are not good at spotting subsidence or dealing with it in a reasonable time– they reckon it is not repairable or expensive. If you suspect subsidence, contact us for an opinon, options or a quote. See our subsidence damage repair tips below.

Rippling wallpaper or cracks in walls are an indication of subsidence. These are easily repaired and common subsidence damage repair jobs we undertake in Edinburgh. Doors or windows that stick may also be subsidence.

As common as it is, subsidence is more serious than most people in Edinburgh think! It can cause you to lose property value and can be a safety issue– especially if walls, or windows are leaning or falling outward. We can help you deal with your subsidence issues before they cause structural damage.

See our Subsidence Damage Advice

Whether you have suffered a catastrophic incident of fire or flood damage or you need to address subsidence for a home sale or property repair, contact us to see if we can help. We will remedy the damage from fire or flood and get you back to normal.


Plastering Services Edinburgh Ceiling repair | Wall repair | Edinburgh period property Restoration & Renovation
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