Fireplace removal after image- Edinburgh
Jun 24 2021
Fireplace removal Edinburgh- update from the road (Edinburgh EH45 Innerleithen)

Our fireplace removal service in Edinburgh seems to be popu

cat sleeping on plasterer dustsheet
Jun 09 2021
New manager joins Paintworks and Plastering crew

Summer in Edinburgh is keeping us busy, so book your plastering job ASAP so we can serve you in a timely manner. 

damp wall showing mold
Mar 01 2021
Update from the Road- Damp-proofing plastering job (South Queensferry Edinburgh EH30 9AT)

This South Queensferry homeowner suspected a damp problem.

Subsidence damage- repairing wall crack
Feb 02 2021
Subsidence damage- repairing wall cracks and more

Wall crack? It is probably subsidence! Subsidence repair is a common service we perform.

 Edinburgh plastering new year fireworks
Jan 03 2021
Currently booking plastering work in Edinburgh

Happy New Year Edinburgh! Lang may yer Lum Reek

Edinburgh plastering- report from the road (EH10 Morningside)
Oct 09 2020
Edinburgh plastering- update from the road (EH10 Morningside)

Crooked, uneven or wonky looking wall?

wall repair Edinburgh man straightening a wall
Aug 25 2020
Wall repair job- update from the road (Edinburgh EH12 COSTORPHINE)

Update on a Wall repair (wall straightening and rennovation project) in Edinburgh.  

wall and ceiling repair edinburgh
Jul 30 2020
Ceiling and wall repair job- update from the road (Edinburgh EH15 Portobello)

Wall and ceiling repair is a constant of our service work in

wall hole repair
Jul 03 2020
Got a hole in your wall? We can repair it!

Repairing the hole in your wall service- Edinburgh- Quick and Easy...

Life brings stress and sometimes a punch to the wall. Ouch!

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